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Trade the world’s US and EU shares as CFDs commission-free!

Trade Smart *Stock CFD trading is only available on MT5.

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EU and US stocks

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Check the latest price movements of the most popular US and EU Stocks.

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Get exposure to the world’s US & EU largest companies and trade their shares as CFDs commission-free! Get the advantage of trading both rising and falling markets without buying and owning the stock.

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US Stocks

Choose among the three US stock exchanges and trade large-gap, growth, tech, and other popular stocks listed on Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX.

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EU Stocks

Diversify your portfolio with major stocks of the top companies listed on exchanges around the economies of Europe.

MT5 Desktop

Tradesmart MT5 Desktop

From execution speeds to an integrated economic calendar, modern traders choose MT5 for more tools, features and assets to get their trading experience to the next level. MetaTrader 5, the multi-market platform, was designed to support the most active traders to trade smarter and faster.

MT5 Mobile

Tradesmart MT5 Mobile

Enjoy Tradesmart MT5 platform benefits along with the mobile trading extras via smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android. Trade on the go, anywhere and anytime, using all the features of the MetaTrader 5 Platform powered by Tradesmart.

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